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The manufacture of AnFu Ham dates back to the Huo Zha in the Qin Dynasty when the
local people dedicated the best pig--hams to gods. These pig--hams were then preserved in
salt and smoked to what we nowadays call "ham". Which is often used for dinners when guests come to visit . AnFu has become a unique manufactuer of hams, for it boasts the famous Anfu--miPig. AnFu Ham, together with JinHua Ham and XuanWei Ham,won prizes in Panama International Fair in 1915.

AnFu Han Corporation is a professional corporation to manufacture Anfu Hnm, adopting traditional formulas and modern techniques.Bamboo--leaf shaped , AnFu Ham is bright in color ,
attractive in small and unique in taste.

AnFu Ham possesses high nutritive as well as medicative valnes , and is ofteen regarded as a high--quality , ideal nutrient and medicinal.

To meet the evr--changing market. We have introduced vacuum-packing technology for different packing specifications.Our products has successfully expanded the markets in southeast asia.

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TEL: 0796-7622406 FAX:0796-7698006
Linkman:Yao Wei , The site of factory: Jiangxi Sheng AuFu county seat west, Postalcode:3432000
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